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Journy by Soundbrokers

The creation of a song, video or film goes way beyond recording in the studio or an on-location shoot. It is a journey. Each has its own unique series of events that led to its making. Welcome to Soundbrokers! Stream unlimited audio and video sound-stories published by Independent Artists from around the world and take some awesome, inspiring adventures now & for years to come. Journies let you hear the whole story exactly how it happened right from the artist themselves.

Awesome Features
Journies come packed with very cool features for you to enjoy:

Lyrics - so you can sing along
Bandmates - meet the music makers
Kudos - to producers, director and artwork
Timeline - milestone events of before & after the music made its final cut
Gallery - of with fan pics, backstage shots, silly selfies and more.
Chatter - a area where fans and creators can interact to keep the story going

Unlimited Adventures
New sound-stories are automatically added to the stream when published. Both creators and fans can subscribe to unlimited access. Like the good ones, save the best to your favorites, enjoy the rest by genre, geo-location or story type.

Beyond The Play
Soundbrokers is all about Independent Music. We fully support these amazing artists everywhere on planet earth. Not only are creators rewarded for simply for being apart of the Soundbrokers family and publishing sound-stories, we also shattered the ceiling on how much they can earn. Each Journy is measured for plays, likes, favorites, unique visits and chatter on a month-to-month basis. The more you interact with sound-stories the more these artists earn.

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A Plan for Every Fan

POP Rocks
This plan might not make your tongue fizzy, like the popular 80s candy, but it will bring a smile to your face. Pay One Price and enjoy one full year of sound-stories for just $60.00 USD. That's a discount of 50% off. Renews automatically after 12 months.

Ramen Noodles
Hey, we get it. Some of us are on the noodles every day budget. Don't fret. With this plan you can still enjoy umlimited sound-stories for just $10.00 USD per month*. Renews each month for 12 months.

* A missed month or cancellation of subscription will result in complete loss of access to all sound-stories.

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