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A New Way To Stream Music & Movies

The making of a song, music video or film goes way beyond recording in the studio or an on-location shoot. It is a journey. And each has a unique series of events behind its creation.

Welcome to Soundbrokers. Create unlimited storyboards, using new or existing conent, and take fans behind the scenes of how your creative venture became reality. Journy is a new way to showcase your talents on an easy-to-use streaming platform, reaching millions of people around the world and earn two ways every month.

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The Story Behind The Creation

Each storyboard - whether song, music video or movie - comes packed with exciting features to showcase your content start to finish, giving fans an experience to enjoy again and again. Showcase Bandmates, Cast-Crew; Writers, Producers, Directors, Artwork and Studio; Add Lyrics so fans can sing along. Then add an unlimited timeline of events before, during and even after the song, video or film made its debut. Go visual by adding a cover image and photo gallery. Plus, each storyboard has an interactive chat section for you, fellow creators and fans to add video and text comments to keep the story going.

Go Beyond Play
New Gen. New Rules. New Revenue.

As a pioneer for a new generation of streaming, Soundbrokers has tossed out the old-school revenue model and created a brand new one, that puts both power and profit back in the hands of independent creators. Our approach is twofold:

  • Everybody Eats

    All creators who have published Journies automatically receive a generous percentage each month from subscribers. This amount is pooled and split evenly acros the board.
  • Interactive Bonus

    Then, we populate interaction in the form of likes, favorites, plays, unique views and even chatter. Each Journy is scored and a bonus paid for each storboard every single month.
  • Note: static and bonus dollar amounts may vary depending on volume of subscribers and interactions with storyboards on a month-to-month basis. Payment is made every 28 calendar days.
    Enjoy The Journy

    Soundbrokers is excited to bring millions fans around the world a fun, new way to engage independent music and film. Journies are expanded storyboards, where creators take you on the adventures from the first note to the final cut. Go behind the scenes and find out how it all really happened. The more you engage the higher these stories go and more these talented artists earn every month.

  • Jiffy POP

    Subscribe to Journy by Soundbrokers for one full year, Pay One Price and get unlimited access to all storyboards for just $60.00 USD.
  • Noodles Ever Night

    Some are on the NEN budget. It's cool, you can still get unlimited access to storyboards for just $10.00 USD each month.
  • 7 stories 'til launch
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